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About the NFLRA



Executive Director: Scott H. Green

Legal Counsel: Mike Arnold


President: Carl Paganelli

Vice President: Carl Cheffers

Secretary: Ron Torbert 

Treasurer: Derick Bowers


Eugene Hall

Alex Kemp

Bryan Neale

Shawn Smith

Greg Wilson

Charitable Giving

Each year, the NFLRA donates Super Bowl tickets to charities in support of a variety of important causes. 


This gift annually raises more than $225,000 for important organizations and causes.

Off the field, NFLRA members frequently support charities that are important to them, but it’s special for the union to be able to do this as an organization.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How does one become an NFL official?

A: The NFL's Mackie Development Program (MDP) draws from nearly 4,000 college-level officials within the league's scouting database. Visit the NFL Operations page for more on the MDP.

Q: How accurate are NFL officials?

A: Each game averages about 158 plays, so a typical official who works 14 regular-season games is evaluated on nearly 2,200 plays in a single season. They got it right 95.9% of the time throughout the 2014 season, according to the league’s evaluators. Visit the NFL Operations page for more information.

Q: What is the length of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement?

A: The CBA signed in September 2019 will run through May 2026.

Q: What are the responsibilities and positions for officials?

A: There are seven on-field NFL officials: Referee, Umpire, Down Judge, Line Judge, Field Judge, Side Judge and Back Judge. Each has a specific role and responsibilities that make it possible to correctly and consistently call games at football’s highest level. Visit the NFL Operations page for an interactive infographic to learn more.

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